Too Blessed to be Stressed



It’s the last day of July… and I sit here at my computer doing my normal day. Checking emails, filling orders, checking social media – all while listening to my alexa play my favorite hits from the eighties. Every once in a while… it hits me like a flash. I look around at my surroundings, inside and outside and wow — I am so blessed!


Sure, we all have days that we ask why me? Why now? BUT if we had more moments just to look around, and remove ourselves from the stress and see just what we have.

I made a list:

  • A God that Loves me no matter what
  • My health
  • My two handsome boys
  • My supportive husband
  • My amazing family
  • My loyal friends that I call framily
  • My beautiful home and land full of animals
  • My company and my awesome customers
  • My food that is prepared daily for me
  • Security that I feel in my world

And that’s just a few. WOW! I know we all can make a list much like this. Take the time to be grateful what you have, life ain’t easy but it sure is fun!

God Bless!!

~ Terri Lynn



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