About Us

Terri Lynn’s vision for Rafter T Ranch Company is to create and sell beautifully crafted tack and accessories that not only keep up with the trends of today but also set new trends for tomorrow.  The Rafter T brand is shaped to look like an arrow. This is not by coincidence; it is intended to represent the direction to which we must aim to travel.  Arrows only shoot one way.  The Rafter T brand is made to symbolize the notion of never looking back…Just launch forward and do your best and overcome all obstacles placed in your path.

The Rafter T Ranch Co. culture is based on a strong sense of family and traditional values. Terri Lynn now lives happily on a horse and cattle ranch in Parker County alongside of her best friend and husband.  Her two boys remain her most proud accomplishments and her new extended family of children and grandchildren motivate her each day to stay focused and on course.

We trust you will appreciate the quality materials and craftsmanship built into every Rafter T product and that you will also enjoy walking along this journey with us. The initial collections designed solely by Terri Lynn are a reflection of her message. To learn more about our brand and our mission, please visit us at raftertranchco.com and follow our blogs and our pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.