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Too Blessed to be Stressed



It’s the last day of July… and I sit here at my computer doing my normal day. Checking emails, filling orders, checking social media – all while listening to my alexa play my favorite hits from the eighties. Every once in a while… it hits me like a flash. I look around at my surroundings, inside and outside and wow — I am so blessed!


Sure, we all have days that we ask why me? Why now? BUT if we had more moments just to look around, and remove ourselves from the stress and see just what we have.

I made a list:

  • A God that Loves me no matter what
  • My health
  • My two handsome boys
  • My supportive husband
  • My amazing family
  • My loyal friends that I call framily
  • My beautiful home and land full of animals
  • My company and my awesome customers
  • My food that is prepared daily for me
  • Security that I feel in my world

And that’s just a few. WOW! I know we all can make a list much like this. Take the time to be grateful what you have, life ain’t easy but it sure is fun!

God Bless!!

~ Terri Lynn



If This Old Hat Could Talk ….

IF THIS OLD HAT COULD TALK –Today was a huge day for me on my journey. Today an old BarH employee kindly gave me my dad’s old cowboy hat. Any of you that knew my relationship with my dad… knows that this meant the WORLD to me. He said that he got his hands on it before “they” threw it away with a lot of his other belongings from his house just six months after he died (wow, broke my heart).

But please believe me, I’m not bitter and I don’t hold any grudges. Quite the opposite, I am grateful beyond measure. I am a believer that God will fight my battles and he will bring the darkness into light. My boys and I had so many memories with my dad that will forever be in our hearts but to have something to touch that was so important to him is beyond words. Thanks to each of you that have reached out to me this last month. You have answered so many of my questions, which is so important in my healing. It’s the not knowing or understanding that hurts the most. There are some that have not, and that’s okay. I am so grateful for my friends and family that have been there this past year for me and my boys.

God has provided me a peace in my heart and I know this is why HE is bringing so many things to light in my life. If only this hat could talk… although I probably don’t need to know what it saw or heard. I will wear it with pride and think about the good times with my dad.  Life is good and it’s only getting better …. EXODUS 14:14

Countdown to Denver

Setting up the new booth, getting all set for Denver. It brings back so many memories. My son helping me build grid walls and hang product as we dance around like crazy people listening to our favorite tunes on my new TURQUOISE Bluetooth speaker! Laughing at each other and imitating each others moves …. Making new memories!!

I have always enjoyed designing tack, but the real fun is designing the booth that the tack is displayed in.  This booth is so full of life. The tack, the banners … Heck, the theme all together is so INVITING!!! I am so excited to show every one my new adventure. It’s been over a year and a half in the making, and it’s almost as if I am about to give birth.  I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. I’ve been dreaming, preparing and praying hard for the launch (D-Day).

Ready for  Denver, it will be like a reunion. So many familiar faces I haven’t seen in over a year. I am overwhelmed by the emails and phone calls of support that I have received from all my “family” in the biz!!

Thank YOU for taking this journey with me.  It’s been through a lot of forgiveness, soul searching and personal strength that this is even taking place.  This is just the BEGINING … we have such a BRIGHT future ahead of us!!

Thank you LORD for all you have blessed me with in this life.

See you in Denver!!! Booth MA 3019

Terri Lynn