The Rafter T Ranch Co Vision

Rafter T Ranch Co. is not just another tack brand or bag line.

Terri Lynn’s vision for Rafter T Ranch Co. is to create and sell beautifully crafted tack and accessories that not only keep up with the trends of today but also set new trends for tomorrow. This is something she has experience in and enjoys. On a more personal level, Terri Lynn advocates for women in our industry and our lifestyle.  She envisions Rafter T creating a path for which women and young girls can follow to launch their dreams, build their self-esteem, release anxieties and feel empowered to do whatever it is they are willing to try. The Rafter T brand is shaped to look like an arrow. This is not by coincidence; it is intended to represent the direction to which we must aim to travel. Arrows only shoot one way. The Rafter T brand is made to symbolize the notion of don’t look back… Just launch forward and do your best and overcome all obstacles placed in your path.

The RafterT Ranch Co. culture is based on a strong sense of family and traditional values. Terri Lynn lives on a horse and cattle ranch in Parker County alongside of her best friend and husband. Her two boys remain her most proud accomplishments and her new extended family of children and grandchildren motivate her each day to stay focused and on course. Her days consist of waking up early, working hard and then winding down to spend quality time with loved ones. Whether it’s working the cows or enjoying a family feast, the memories made each day are never taken for granted.

Rafter T not only provides the highest quality tack and accessories, it also conveys a message of encouragement to everyone that touches it. “We all need daily reminders to live happily, fulfilled and grateful” explains Terri Lynn. “We should be proud of who God made us to be, and no one should ever be allowed to steal your shine”. This message will be promoted through all of the marketing material such as banners and hangtags that accompany the Rafter T line in stores across the country. Terri Lynn believes that by promoting this message along side of her uniquely designed tack and accessories, it is a sure way to remind her customers to wake up each morning with a grateful heart, and to be proud of who and where they are today. Simply the image of an arrow should remind you that you are launching forward.

We trust you will appreciate the quality materials and craftsmanship built into every Rafter T product and that you will also enjoy walking along this journey with us. The initial collections designed solely by Terri Lynn are a reflection of her vision and message.

Meet Terri Lynn

Her Lifestyle, her passion and her family

Terri Lynn was born into a family legacy with roots tracing its way back six generations in livestock and agriculture. The Howard family name was mounted on iron Texas gates in Falls, Waller and Robinson Counties.

Terri Lynn is no stranger to the western lifestyle or the western industry. For over 30 years; she has been a competitor, a ranch hand, a publisher, a country radio disc jockey, a tack designer, a mother of two young cowboys and a rancher’s wife.

In the early 90’s, Terri Lynn tested her skills and endurance by working on a ranch in Colorado among the wilderness of the San Juan Mountains. After proving to herself that she was indeed worthy of accepting challenges along with defeats, she was anxious to start her journey. She and her dad, Bob Howard, launched an equine Magazine in the mid 1990’s titled Cowboy Sports Magazine. Terri Lynn held the title of Editor and then Publisher of this national publication. After a few years, while still working closely with the magazine, Terri Lynn loaded her barrel horse and headed northeast for an opportunity to be live on the radio each weekday on KYKX, a leading country radio station in Longview, Texas.

In the 2000’s, Terri Lynn put her life on pause for a few years to raise two young boys. Then again in 2009, she found herself “back in the saddle” riding along side of her dad, Bob, while they launched yet another business in the western industry, but this time it was leather goods.  The name of her dad’s company was Bar H Equine … this was an exciting young tack and saddle brand that she and her dad not only created but also grew for six years. Acting as lead designer and ultimately President of the company, Terri Lynn garnered most of her knowledge about creativity, design, leadership and business while there. In 2013, Parker County Today Magazine named her one of the “Top 100 People to Know”. This honor was appreciated deeply and still drives her to this day. With the passing of her father and her mother, Bar H Equine closed their doors. The original Howard family brand (-H) was no more and Terri Lynn was forced to take a detour from not only the company she and her dad developed with blood, sweat and tears, but more importantly the life she had grown accustomed to walking through life with her parents.  But just like an arrow, she thrusted forward and with that Rafter T Ranch Co. was born. Terri Lynn often looks back and thinks about the memories and the life lessons she learned from her father and she tries daily to make him proud from above as she and her boys live the life they once shared. TRUE LEGACY!

Today, Terri Lynn still operates the Weatherford warehouse alone with the occasional help from her (now older) sons and her bonus children and grandchildren. Gavin has now graduated from The University of Oklahoma and Bryce is in his Junior Year at the University of Oklahoma. To date; Rafter T has over 850 retailers in the US and abroad. Terri Lynn considers her retailers not only as business partners but more like family. “I am picky about who I approve as a retailer, I look for those that want to invest in not only my products but also my vision.” In August of 2020, Rafter T held a ribbon cutting in their new showroom at the World Trade Center in Dallas, TX. August of 2023 Rafter T celebrated their expansion in Dallas with a second ribbon cutting. Dallas Market Center, on the fourteenth floor in suite 14080 is where you can find Rafter T at least five times a year or by appointment. Be ready, because when you walk in the showroom, you just might get a big hug because Rafter T is a family business and Terri Lynn is grateful for every person that crosses her path and entrusts her with their business.