∞ Retailer Requirements: Opening orders must be a minimum of $1,000 for Tack and Accessories. Stores ordering only accessories must open with a minimum $500 order. CLOSEOUTS DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE OPENING MINIMUM. Opening orders must be paid by credit card unless approved in advance by Rafter T. Authorized dealers must have a retail store open to the walk-in buying public with
regular daily store hours, pictures of the storefront must accompany application.                                                                                                          Buying Requirements: Rafter T requires that retailers buy a minimum of $2,500 in product each calendar year to maintain their “Official Retailer” status. As a Rafter T Retailer, you have access to catalogs, product photos, sale promotions, special orders and drop shipping. If a retailer drops out of “Official” status, they must begin again with the minimum opening requirements and pay by credit card. Each retailer will be notified if they are affected.
∞ Fed Ex Shipping: Rafter T has chosen Fed Ex as their shipping agent for all ground shipments. Retailers may offer their own Fed Ex account number to be charged if they wish at no additional cost. If another shipping company is preferred (UPS or DHL), retailer must provide their account number and a five- dollar charge will be applied to each invoice as we must drive to the hub to drop off these shipments. Fed Ex picks up at our warehouse daily, all others will be dropped off on Fridays. So please be aware of the possible delay to orders.
∞ Internet Sales: Rafter T Ranch Company requests that each item placed on an ecommerce site by a retailer also be in the retailer’s inventory. Rafter T has a large warehouse of inventory that changes daily in numbers. MAP pricing is monitored on ecommerce sites. Please see our policy below.
∞ Backorders: Rafter T Ranch Company will make every attempt to keep all products in stock. However, if an item is not in stock at the time of shipping, the unshipped item will be placed on backorder and sent when available (US only). If the retailer does not want items placed in backorder status, they must let Rafter T know and the account will be marked NO BACKORDERS.
∞ Restocking Fee: Retailers will be charged a restocking fee if an order is canceled before it ships because of a credit card problem. Also, if the retailer changes his/her mind after receiving the merchandise or if the retailer returns Rafter T merchandise in an open or severely damaged box. A restocking fee will also be charged if Rafter T merchandise is returned without all the original packaging. This includes but is not limited to original tags and accessories. Original tags must not be tampered with in any way. If the product tags are marked on, or missing, Rafter T may return items back to sender. If not, the restock fee for these items is set at a minimum of 15% – 30%.
If a restocking fee is accessed and not paid for due to credit card issues – the account will be closed and will require a new partner application to be submitted for approval.
∞ Warranty and Returns: All Rafter T products come with a 100% guarantee of quality. If you are not absolutely satisfied with the materials or craftsmanship, you may call for a return authorization number within 30 days of receiving the items and a merchandise credit will be placed on your account. If there is a discrepancy with your order, Rafter T must be notified within 30 days of receipt of the product to issue a credit. We do not accept returns for custom made items, sale, clearance, closeout or special-order items. We do not refund your original shipping charges. We also guarantee our craftmanship, but only in normal usage situations. Rafter T will not work directly with consumers, all returns must go through the original retailer. We will not accept or credit items that are damaged due to negligence, Rafter T will make that final decision. Please note that cowhide will wear down and customers need to be made aware. We will not replace damaged cowhide bags or tack due to rubbing off – we will only if there is a marking on it or it is torn. Please educate your customer to the risk of cowhide.
∞ Drop Shipments: Rafter T is happy to ship a product directly to customers from the Rafter T warehouse. This is referred to as drop shipping. Each dropship request will have a $10 handling charge added to the order. Drop ship is only available in the US and must be paid with credit card.
∞ NSF Payments and Late Payment Fees: All returned checks are subject to a $50 NSF fee. Rafter T will charge a late payment fee of 10% to ALL customers 45 days or more past due each month. At 15 days and 30 days, a reminder statement will be emailed. Once a retailer receives a late payment fee, it will be automatically placed back on credit card only status.
∞ MAP Pricing: Rafter T Ranch Co. has established a minimum advertised price and manufacturer’s suggested retail price on each item in the Rafter T Ranch Co inventory. Our active retailers should not advertise an item on the internet, in a catalog or print ad at any price lower than 90% of MSRP.
∞ Country of Origin: Rafter T works with multiple manufacturers abroad to develop the entire product
line. Retailers must refer to USC 1304 Title 19 for more information as to the responsibilities to
maintain the COO label on all merchandise.
∞ International Retailers: Rafter T Ranch Co. has many international retailers. Rafter T requires that international retailers have a freight forwarder in the US. Rafter T does not ship international from the warehouse.

** Rafter T reserves the right to refuse sale to any store without cause